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Turning Your Standups on Their Head

The daily standup is one of the most powerful tools in the scrum toolbox, so powerful in fact that when teams move beyond scrum they often still retain the standup as one of their core practices. But, there’s still room for improvement.


Meet the Timestamp Sticky

It’s no secret that teams who track their progress using physical tools rather than electronic have have a much higher rate of success, but how do you handle of the fear of sticky notes falling off the wall?

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Stories versus Themes versus Epics

When a new team is just beginning to adopt Scrum the difference between stories, themes, and epics always seem to be a source of some confusion. In particular, where stories end and epics begin tends to be a particular sticking point. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each artifact to get a better understanding of the subtle differences between them so we can better communicate to our teams when each is appropriate for the work at hand.


Using Hit Rate to Gauge Success

Velocity usually isn’t the best measure of a team’s progress. Instead, we often find accuracy to be a better indicator of a team’s long term success. Since many teams still find value in having a metric with which they can plot their success, why not use one that measures how accurate they’re becoming?


Velocity is not the Goal

Teams that post consistently high velocities are often treated as valuable to the organization. However, those teams that tend to be more erratic…posting a high velocity one sprint then falling off dramatically the next…may not be as valuable as they may first appear.


How to Build the Right Team

Did you know that payroll is usually the biggest expenditure of any software company? If you do, then it should come as no surprise that many companies tout the line ‘people are our greatest asset’. However, it can be scary just how little thought those same companies put into hiring the right people for their teams.

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